Noise Machine - VOL.2 "Músicas Para Matar Alguém"

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1. Right Now . Korn - "I can't control myself! I fucking hate you!"
2. Elite . Deftones - "When you'll ripe, you'll bleed out of control!"
3. People = Shit . Slipknot - "Understand that I can't feel anything!"
4. Tales of Scorched Earth . Smashing Pumpkins - "I lie just to be real, I'd die just to feel!"
5. Pray For Plagues - Bring Me The Horizon - "Count your fucking blessings!"
6. Ridicule . American Head Charge - "You're watching me dying! Why don't you take a picture?"
7. Suck . Kittie - "Fuck you, you think it's all funny!"
8. Revolution Action . Atari Teenage Riot - "It's time to live and it's time to die!"
9. Happy? . Mudvayne - "Are you feeling happy? Are you fucking happy?"
10. Break Stuff . Limp Bizkit -"My suggestion is keep your distance... Cause right now I'm dangerous!"

Faixa Bônus. What's Up People . Maximum The Hormone

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