Noise Machine - VOL.1 "Músicas Para Se Matar"

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1. Egobrain . System of a Down - "You see my pain is real, watch my world dissolve"
2. Over My Head . The Fray - "I've become part of the past"
3. Fast Car . Tracy Chapman - "I had a feeling that I belong, I had a feeling that I could be someone"
4. Swallowed . Bush - "In the middle of a world on a fish hook, you're the wave"
5. Stop Crying Your Heart Out . Oasis
6. Tight Rope - Papa Roach - "We are insane. Nothing will change"
7. Beware . Deftones - "You should know I could never make it work"
8. Mechanical Animals . Marilyn Manson - "I'll never gonna be the one for you"
9. Dearest . One True Thing - "She pleads 'Father, daddy, when will you be a man?"
10. How To Disappear Completely . Radiohead - "I'm not here... This isn't happening"

Faixa Bônus - Ode To My Family . The Cranberries - "Does anyone care?"

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