Noise Machine - VOL4. "Músicas Para Ficar Feliz"

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1. Bottle . Bambix - "I wanna a big, big bottle, big, big bottle of BEER!"
2. Pretty Fly For a White Guy . Offspring - "Give it to me, baby! A-ha! A-ha!"
3. 40 oz . Brokencyde - "Get drunk at the club!"
4. Word Up . Korn - "No romance, no romance, no romance for me"
5. Red Hot . Ellegarden - "I got the music playing loud in my head!"
6. Dismantle Me . The Distillers - "And the sky is deeper than a dream!"
7. Stupid MF . Mindless Self Indulgence - "Stupid motherfucker! Stupid motherfu-cker!"
8. Vicinity of Obcenity . System of a Down - "Banana, banana, banana, terricotta pie!"
9. A Little Bit of Shhh - Lady Sovereign - "Right now is the S.O.V.!"
10. I Got a Feeling . Black Eyed Peas - "Party everyday! P-p-p-p-party everyday!"

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Natsuki Kuga disse...

Faz uma depois pra quem ta faminto..ou então trilha sonora de NAE xD TE AMO LINDA *O* Bjus =**