Noise Machine - VOL5. "Músicas Para Dormir"

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1. Joga . Björk - "And you push me up to this state of... Emergency... How beautiful to be"
2. Driftwood . Travis - "You're driftwood floating underwater, breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces..."
3. Utopia . Alanis Morissette - "This is utopia. This is my utopia. This is my ideal. My end in sight"
4. A Distance There Is . Theatre of Tragedy - "My heart is of frailty. My pale skin is hued damask"
5. Pyramid Song . Radiohead - "There is nothing to fear, and nothing to doubt"
6. See You Soon . Coldplay - "And all you want is friends"
7. Boy On The Moon . The Daylights - "You've got to go to the top of the world..."
8. Luna . Smashing Pumpkins - "I'll sing for you, if you want to..."
9. Bizarre Love Triangle . Frente! - "Everytime I see you falling I get down on my kness and pray"
10. Across The Universe . Fiona Apple - "Ja guru de va om... Nothing's gonna change my world"

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Natsuki Kuga disse...

Só Musica Boa xD Imagina uma chuvinha xD.. vc deitadinha comigo..Com essas musicas *o*