Your Affection

You remind me that girl. That girl that I never talked to. From another country. Who draws and... Yeah, I'm just a espectator from her. Yeah, and you just go and draw some stuff. And you're really cool when you're quiet or angry, but when you're not like that you turns yourself into something so boring that... Well, it just makes me happier. I'm really glad that you are turning into something not interesting for me. Because I've already wanted to just erase you from my mind. So, that thing really helped me so much that I'd like to thank you. Really, really, really... Thank you for be such a stupid and boring and irritating and strange and really-stay-away person... Now I think I am ready already to forget you more and more, until all this stupid feelings consume me.

Well... It's not really the truth, but I want to believe it.

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