I'm a loser, baby! So why don't you kill me?

Você dentro da minha cabeça
I can't stop thinking about you. You just don't get out of my mind. You read my mind like you know whatever I'm feeling and whatever I'm thinking. You're just too perfect. And I'm just in love too much, too much to torn myself apart.
Queima e acende
And you're a fucking enigma, I can't just understand what you really want from me, I can't just understand your feelings. I don't think you wanna play with me or something like that, but I don't wanna lose you. I am so fucking afraid of losing you, but not for you... It's because I think I'm going to explode if you do it. I don't wanna be without you.
Explode como uma bomba
Explode como uma bomba
You got the fucking control and you know it. You just know how to use words to keep on with the fucking control. I can't just be above you. There's no way I'm gonna be ok with this ending. And I know it's too early to talk about endings, but I just can't stand ok, thinking about that. I don't wanna fucking lose you!
Sofrimento desaba
You make me go insane. You make me lose control. I just dunno how to talk with you properly. I just dunno how I can act. I lost the fucking control completely. You seem to look through me, and that thing scares me. I can be happy, sad, angry... Everything in the same day just because you. And I can't control my feelings and my fucking feeling of missing you all the fucking time without stop.
Razões desgastadas
Quem é você?
O que é você?
O que diabos faz comigo!?
Destroy me. Love me. Fuck me. Kill me. Bury me. Devour me. Hang me. Explode me. Rape me. Move me. Sick. Me.

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